Dental care

Dental care

Our clinic is extremely well equipped, and we have outstanding professional skills to take care of your pet’s teeth.

Pets have a lot of dental problems that need treatment, and these days their owners are well aware of how important dental care is. Problems with teeth often cause pets pain. What’s more, inflammation can spread from the teeth and the mouth also to the rest of the body. That’s why our veterinarians check your pet’s teeth visually during every visit – and if needed, we can use a dental X-ray to also check the areas that can’t be seen.

Our most common “dental patients” are cats and dogs. Rabbits and guinea pigs occasionally also need dental treatment due to overgrown teeth or malocclusion (where the teeth don’t meet and wear properly).

Teeth are an important part of an animal’s well-being. Uncared-for teeth cause similar pain to animals as to us, although animals (especially dogs) usually eat even if they have sore and poor teeth. Additionally, if your pet has a mouth infection, this source of bacterial infection may spread elsewhere in the body.

We often hear the sentence, “Does a pet this age still need to have his teeth cleaned?” As vets, we find this an odd attitude, because pets usually need more dental care as they grow older. Thanks to modern methods, anaesthesia is possible even for an old, unhealthy animal and allows us to treat your pet comfortably. We want to make sure your pet’s quality of life is the best it can be, just like you do. After all, we don’t stop treating other illnesses just because a pet is old.

All our veterinarians perform conventional dental treatment. At our clinic, we have 2 tartar removal devices, 2 dental drill units and a dental X-ray machine to help us examine and treat your pet’s teeth comprehensively.