“A partner for life for pets and their families” – for better, for worse!
– We know our customers
– We trust each other
– We have a great atmosphere
These are our values.

We are a Finnish diligent and multilingual clinic. Our goal is to create a long-standing, reliable veterinarian-patient relationship with our patients. Our greatest reward for the work we do is when a pet learns to know us and we feel that the pet and their owners trust us.

We have chosen the employees at our clinic not only for their proficiency, but also for their values.

Our mission

We offer our customers support, protection and information about their pet’s health

Through our activities, we promote animal protection and ethical veterinary health care

We are a valued employer with a staff who are proud of the work they do

Our entire staff is committed to our shared values

Our clinic was established in Uumajankatu 2 in January 2004. In the autumn of 2018, we moved into new spacious and modern facilities that were specifically designed for us in Kvartsikatu 1 in Kivihaka, Vaasa.

In September 2023 we joined VireäGroup.

Over the years, our number of staff has increased from 4 to the current 15 or so regular employees – plus any locum vets, nurses and interns.

All our regular employees are veterinary professionals: our veterinary surgeons are licentiates of veterinary medicine, licensed in Finland, and our nurses are qualified veterinary nurses with a Finnish vocational degree plus one receptionist. We also act as an active training clinic, which means that we periodically have other assistants and interns working with us at our clinic. Almost all of our employees speak Finnish, Swedish and English.

Our veterinary surgeons have acquired additional qualifications to meet their own interests and the needs of the clinic and our customers. Continuous further training and keeping up to date will continue to be an important guarantee of the quality of our operations. A thread running through all our activities is our aim to create long-lasting patient relationships and work as a team as reliable professionals.

Knowing our patients well helps us to more easily notice any deviations from normal. It also allows us to learn about the pet’s family and life, which helps us to serve them excellently and, as far as possible, before problems occur. A pet is indeed a member of the family, and knowing the family helps us to plan the pet’s treatment well and assess their need for health care.

Together we are more, also at our clinic. When faced with tricky cases, we discuss our patients together daily – for example, we may analyse X-rays, laboratory results or other findings together or even operate side by side. Trust is vital for our team: we know we can all rely on each other and trust that each one of us will perform their work to the highest standards and the best of their abilities.