Price list

Price list

We accept debit and credit cards; payment in instalments when agreed in advance, and we offer a 2-month interest-free term of payment: You can also send text message ELÄIN to number 18311 and you will receive the ResursBank application form to your phone.

We accept the direct reimbursement services of Lähitapiola, Pohjantähti, Agria, If and OP Pohjola, which means that you will only pay the excess when you have an appointment with us!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not cancelled your visit and fail to arrive for an appointment that would have lasted between 10 and 60 minutes, we will charge you for the time such an appointment normally takes according to our price list. In the case of an uncancelled procedure appointment to which the customer has failed to arrive or a cancellation of a procedure appointment (e.g. an operation) less than 12 hours before, we charge 50% of the clinic fee and 75% of the price of the planned procedure. CANCELLATIONS at least one day before by TELEPHONE.

A visit/procedure outside the appointment system (emergencies): an additional charge of €20.00 and a procedure charge of +50%

Price enquiries:

The prices are the sum totals of the invoice, including all the medication used and provided for use at home, unless mentioned otherwise. Stitch removal (if necessary) is included in the price of the operation.

When treating more than one animal during the same visit, we only charge the clinic fee for the first animal.

The best way to enquire about our prices is by phone or email at