X-rays and ultrasound scans

X-rays and ultrasound scans

We use our digital X-ray machine a great deal. After all, X-rays are often required for solving problems with both the musculoskeletal system and examining internal diseases. Often the pet has to be sedated for the procedure, because he or she has to be absolutely still to ensure successful X-ray pictures. If we have to try and take X-rays several times due to the animal’s restlessness, this will also expose members of the staff and other people holding the pet to X-rays. Under sedation, the X-rays can be performed without anyone holding the pet.

For dental X-rays, we use Midmark Progeny, a digital dental X-ray machine specifically designed for this purpose. Its quality and image processing are top class.

The ultrasound scanner is used, for example, for pregnancy examinations. It helps us to determine whether your pet is pregnant and give a rough estimate of the number of foetuses. The best time for this examination is about 4 weeks after mating.

Ultrasound is also used, for example, in examinations of the bladder, gallbladder and abdominal cavities.

We use special equipment for cardiac or PKD (polycystic kidney disease) ultrasound examinations. We refer ultrasounds of this kind to a veterinary cardiologist.