Quiet room

When a pet dies

We have a special, peaceful room reserved for euthanasia where you can take the time you need to say goodbye to your pet.


The City of Vaasa maintains a graveyard for small animals along Rantamaantie. Contact details: Kari Ramsila, tel. 0400 169022. The price of a burial plot is currently 105 euros.


Pet cremation takes place at a crematorium intended for pets. At our clinic, we cooperate with the pet funeral home Tähtipöly, which is located in Vaasa. You can leave your pet with us after the euthanasia, or if your pet has died at home, funeral home Tähtipöly will collect him or her the same day.

You can choose from two cremation alternatives: a joint cremation after which your pet’s ashes will be placed in an urn cemetery, or an individual cremation after which your pet’s ashes will be delivered to your home or you can pick them up from the crematorium office.
Of course, you can also choose to use another crematorium. Crematorium Aarnituuli in Kauhajoki can collect your pet from your home on any day of the week between 8:00–22:00, or you can deliver your pet to the crematorium yourself. Of course, Aarnituuli can also collect your pet from our clinic during our opening hours, but it is up to you to organise the collection with Aarnituuli.

Post-mortem examination

If a post-mortem examination is to be carried out on a small pet, the pet is to be delivered to the Finnish Food Authority’s office in Helsinki.

Dispatch instructions:

The delivery address is the Finnish Food Authority, Mustialankatu 3, 00790 Helsinki. Tel. 029 530 0400 / Pathology Unit / patologia@ruokavirasto.fi.

As a rule, the pet should be kept cool but not frozen. He or she should be packed in a way that allows air to circulate, for example, in a cardboard box with plenty of newspaper and some ice blocks. You can also put some plastic at the bottom of the box. It goes without saying that the pet should be examined as soon as possible. In practice, you will need to either take the pet there yourself or use Matkahuolto’s services to send the body.